Sunday, 13 November 2011

Colour Investigation

Taking Colour Inspiration from buildings in different countries I have been creating a number of colour palettes to use within my designs. I found a tool on a fab here, for a link to my colour lovers page.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

New Ideas...

After days of research, drawing, research and more drawing, I began to become particularly interested in the architectural drawings I had been focusing on. Looking at the colours and the angles especially.

The planes of the buildings offer a variety of shapes to work with....and now I have a new vision of where I want the product to go.

Looking at textiles I have been researching techniques from print to laser cut, embriodery and hand dying. Considering a piece of body adornment build up by creating a number of layers using textile techniques. I hope to echo the planes of the architecture and I am considering hand dyeing the fabrics to create the colours referenced by European architecture.

Recent trips to the Great Northern Contemporary exhibition and London gave me inspiration for the layered pieces.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Sass Brown lecture got me thinking........

looking back at the past for a sustainable future? Have we lost our way with cheap, fast production? Can we change the future to a more sustainable one by taking on our parents and Grandparents of sustainable living? Can traditional techniques bring a quality back to fashion and help produce high end fashion?

Friday, 30 September 2011

Tapping into a lucrative market

The Baby boomers

After doing a bit of hardcore research on e-search, checking out databases and statistics on consumer trends, I found these interesting figures.

"In the Uk the 50+ consumer market is 20million and growing strong, they hold 80% of the nations wealth" as quoted in an article ‘Booming business,’. (Source:BBC)

"In the next few years 50% of the EU’s population will be 65+ and the over 55 population is predicted to soar by 17% by 2020." (Source: MIT Agelab)

It had me this the market I should be tapping into? After all, these are the ones with the money

Friday, 16 September 2011

Technology- Killer of human interaction, provider of loneliness

Bluemen and other inspiration from Berlin

Whilst watching the show..."The Bluemen" in Berlin, some of the points they focused on got me thinking...... is the world an more lonely place even though we are technologically more connected than ever?

This thought came across me when they pointed out the fact that people will walk into an internet cafe and sit surrounded by people who they will not connect with but rather interact with a technological screen and talk to somebody who is actually not there.

The introduction of greater, stronger and faster technology has led to the fact that we have less products and can often do many tasks with just one, the i=pad a perfect example. We can connect to somebody from the otherside of the world but may not connect with the person sitting beside us. This also became apparent during our carshare back to Dusseldorf from Berlin.

The car was full of strangers, yet the 3 television screens playing DVD's allowed us to sit the 6 hour journey with no interaction in a comfortable manner. Has this technology, which allows us to reach many from afar prevented us from reaching out to those who are close?

Another, strangely thought provoking watch, came from the Disney film Wall-e. This looks at how the world had lacked in being self sufficient and the entire population had been sent into space to be completely looked after by robots. Again it shows how technology had taken over, the people couldn't interact with one another and didn't know what it was to feed, walk or get dressed themselves. To regain order within society, cavemen techniques were then taken on. However could this actually be a true story and not just something we see in a film if technology continues to develop?

Is this something we need to address when designing product for the future?

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Public prints

Whilst on the overhead tube in Berlin I noticed how great the patterns and prints were on the upholstered seats, these prints were echoed in vinyl on the seats of the underground. This had me thinking........what else do we miss on public transport?

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Stumble upon

After my new found find...stumble upon, I have been addicted. Check out old love of typography.

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